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How i cannot reply a topic older than 30 days, so i will reply here.

this topic has an solution for the problem:

I found a different solution:
in libs/controller/controller.php
in __contruct() method, after "parent::__construct()" line
i added "$this->_initComponents()" and it works

I wonder which solution is the worst.

That's not all, here: there is
another solution, but it's 4 month ago and his solution is not a
solution, because it doesn't work and i cannot drop _initComponents()
function from controller.php

And, i was comparing all the source codes and i got in db_acl.sql file
a complete *different* table
this mean that ACM will not work anymore if i update my cake and drop
acos, aros and
aros_acos tables.

Can someone enlight my path? heeeeelp!

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