AJAX - ACL redirection

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AJAX - ACL redirection

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By default, the Auth component used with the ACL component redirects
the user to the referer when this one can't access to the controller/
action (last lines of method startup in auth component):

                if ($this->isAuthorized($type)) {
                        return true;

                $this->Session->setFlash($this->authError, $this->flashElement,
array(), 'auth');
                $controller->redirect($controller->referer(), null, true);
                return false;

This is ok when you make a classic HTTP query but what about an AJAX
query? In my case, I don't want to display a complete page in my AJAX
dialog but only a message alerting the user that he can't access to
the page.

Any idea to manage that or if a  solution already exists?