CakePhp 3 Xml and Basic Auth

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CakePhp 3 Xml and Basic Auth

Hi guys,

I have a weird problem when trying to acces an XML file with Basic Authentication enable.

When i try to acces the url to retrieve JSON, all work as intended: browser ask username & password.
Successfull auth give me the json, auth failed = json with status 401.

Same Url but in XML format: the browser never ask forĀ credential, the reponse start with:
Warning (4096): Object of class Cake\Network\Request could not be converted to string [CORE\src\Utility\Xml.php, line 338]

If I request the json with right credential, then ask the XML, I get the xml file.

Maybe I made a mistake, but I can't find where !


ps: Cakephp 3.1.4.
ps 2: sorry for my english

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