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Document root and link() URLs

Stefan Urbanek-2


I have installed the CakePHP and followed the tutorial. My

- OS X
- mod_rewrite is turned on and working
- I have not set DocumentRoot (and can not, as I will not be able to do
that on my webhost)
- CakePHP tutorial is in ~/Sites/cakeblog

I have created the posts/index and posts/view actions. posts/index

URL is: http://keksik.local/~stevko/cakeblog/app/webroot/posts/index

however the links for each post are:


They do not work. Note, that the URL refers to
/Library/WebServer/Documents not to my home directory. For filesystem
/Users/stevko and ~stevko is the same, however for apache it is not:
~stevko is my home directory, /Users/stevko is expected by apache to be

How can I make the link() to use prefix
instead of

Thanks for any hints,


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