How to do CSRF protection in cakephp

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How to do CSRF protection in cakephp

ye lu
         I am new to cakephp and now I am working on a new project with cakephp by studying. My current doing task is to do CSRF protection for overall project.I have read official cakephp 2 cookbook and I did as explained in that book. But, now I am facing 

The request has been black-holed

Error: The requested address '/admin/accounts/add' was not found on this server. 

every time the new user add form is submitted.
My code is :

public $components = array(
'Security' => array(
'csrfExpires' => '+1 hour'
'Search.Prg' => array(
'commonProcess' => array(
'paramType' => 'named',
'filterEmpty' => true



public function beforeFilter() {
$this->layout = 'admin';
$this->Security->blackHoleCallback = '_blackHole';


public function _blackHole($error) {


By doing so, 'auth' error has appeared.

How should I do?
Please help me.I have googled but it was just the waste of time.I have no way to do.
Please help me.

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