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Mutliple validation not working

Marcus James

I am using cakephp version 3, i am trying to add multiple validation but its not working on password field

$validator = new Validator();
                ->requirePresence('email', 'create')
                ->notEmpty('email',['message'=>__('Please enter email address.')])
->add('email', 'email', ['rule' => 'email', 'message'=>__('Please enter valid email address.')])
                ->add('email', 'unique', ['rule' => 'validateUnique', 'provider' => 'table','message'=>__('This Email is already taken.')])
->add('password', [
'length' => [
'rule' => ['minLength', 6],
'message' => 'Password need to be at least 6 characters long',
               ->notEmpty('password',['message'=>__('Please enter password.')])
->add('password','length',['rule' => ['minLength',6],'message' => __('Password should be minimum 6 character long.')])
->requirePresence('repassword', 'create')
->notEmpty('repassword',['message'=>__('Please enter Confirm Password.')])
                    'rule' => function($value, $context) {
                        if (trim($context['repassword']) != trim($context['password'])) {
                            return false;
return true;
                        return false;
                    'message' => __('Password and confirm password did not matched.'),
return $validator;


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