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Notice: IE6, P3P and FRAMESETs

Olle Jonsson

Dear Cake users,

If you've used a frameset on IE6 lately (ugh), check out this Ticket:

The gist is: IE6 says "No!" to session cookies in framesets with frames
with pages from "another domain" in them. To make IE6 happy, Cake sends
a so-called P3P header to it. But not all the time. IE6 becomes sad,
and sends empty sessions back. So, no setFlash() magic, no session

To send the P3P header on all your session cookies, follow the simple
advice in the Ticket comment. (I just did, and it solved my issue.)

By the way: Thanks for being such a lovely community, folks. Friendly!
I dig that.

kind regards,
   Olle Jonsson
   Copenhagen, Denmark

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