Stange behaviour with find('list')

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Stange behaviour with find('list')

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i am using find('list') to get key/values and was very surprised that the key-values are wrong!?

if i use
  $corp = $SupplierCorps->find('list');
i get
    [22] => 10030000022
    [29] => 10030000029
where the key is the primaryKey defined in the Table-class and the value is the displayField.

This is ok but if  i use

$corp = $SupplierCorps->find('list', ['keyField' => 'SupplCorp_No_auto']);
where SupplCorp_No_auto is the displayField

i get this
    [1440065430] => 10030000022
    [1440065437] => 10030000029

and this is wrong!
The key should now the same as the value.
And if i run the sql against the mysql-Database i get the right results

Do i oversee something?

I use cakePhp 3.1.5

Thanks in advance,

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