Testing AJAX calls in CakePHP 2.8

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Testing AJAX calls in CakePHP 2.8

Jasmun Hendrick

I'm working with Cake 2.8.1. I've installed PHPUnit and am writing unit tests for my app. However, I've run into a problem when trying to test AJAX calls.

My application checks to make sure that the request is an AJAX call and throws a NotFoundException if is isn't.

if (!$this->request->is('ajax')) {
    throw new NotFoundException(__('Illegal url call'));

I can write tests that catch the exception, but I'm struggling to create tests for valid inputs and calls. When I run them, the test suite for that controller just stops and doesn't show any more input. The testing results summation that is usually present at the bottom doesn't appear and any tests following that one are not run. I've seen this solution in several different answers. I've tried setting both the $_ENV and $_SERVER variables and neither seems to help.

I tried digging into the testing code in Cake itself, but I got lost pretty quickly. Does anyone have suggestions for how to debug this and/or write correct unit tests? Thanks!

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