$ajax->sortable, confused...HELP!

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$ajax->sortable, confused...HELP!


Hi, kind bakers,

I am reading the http://wiki.cakephp.org/tutorials:ajax_sortable_list,
about how to make a $ajax->sortable list.
I am do the Create the List of Items and make it works.
BUT for the following
Create the Form: The form contains a hidden text area that is filled
with the data that the Javascript function returns along with an
$ajax‚Üísubmit button:

  <form onSubmit="return false;">
      echo $html->hidden('Item/hiddeninput',
array('id'=>'hiddentextarea'));  //holds the data returned from the
javascript function
      print $ajax->submit('Submit Changes',
array('url'=>'updatitemorder', 'update'=>'itemtable',
'before'=>'getGroupOrder()'));   //makes an Ajax submit button, note
the 'before'.  This calls the javascript function getGroupOrder before
the Ajax request is sent

What is the $html->hidden,('Item/hiddeninput....bala....?
Where should I put these code? and Should I creat files like
updatemorder, hiddeninput,....?

AND, for the Create the Javascript Function,
I put these code in my app_controller.php, My Zend Development
Enviroment waring me lots of errors....Don't why...

AT LAST, what is the
$args=$this->params['data']['Item']['hiddeninput']; all about ? ....

It is a silly question. BUT, for those people who are rookie like me
loving CakePHP, I think someone should post a tutorial like
http://grahambird.co.uk/cake/tutorials/ajax.php. It is great and very

I am not smart like the bakers and just come into the world of Cake.

More appreciate, if someone posts a clear tutorial or sample code for


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