cakephp 3 - return object data from a function?

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cakephp 3 - return object data from a function?


I am very new to cake 3 and get stuck within the first steps :-)
I am calling a soap api to validate IBAN numbers.

$this->client = $this->soap();
$params = array('iban' => $iban);
$result = $this->client->validateIban($params);

it works fine, I can debug() the results and get the right data.
To work with this data I need to return the result, bit get this error:

return $result->validateIban;

Controller action can only return an instance of Response            

$result->validateIban ist a string like 'true' or 'false'.
What is the right way to return the result?

Thanks so much for help!!

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