how to select special fields in query in cakephp 3

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how to select special fields in query in cakephp 3

Amir Shabani
Hi chums :]

I am very new on cakephp.  I've asked this question in stackoverflow , but nobody could not help.
Well, I am here to help me.

I need to join 3 tables (movies, comments, users) in my cakephp 3 controller and select only some special fields. I tested different solutions. I surfed a lot, but I could not solve it. Actually I need to show the last 3 comments on member profile.

Below is controller :

$movietbl = TableRegistry::get('Services.Movies');
        $movies = $movietbl->find()
                    'Comments' => function($q) {
                        return $q->autoFields(false)
                                ->select([ 'id' , 'title' , 'comments']);
                    'Userscomments' => function($q) {
                        return $q->autoFields(false)
                                ->select(['lname', 'fname', 'id']);
                        ->where(['Movies.user_id' => $this->getUserId()])
                $this->set('movies', $movies);
                $this->set('userId', $this->getUserId());

below is MoviesTable

$this->belongsToMany('Userscomments', [
            'className' => 'Services.Users',
            'foreignKey' => 'movie_id',
            'targetForeignKey' => 'user_id',

but it returns all of fields. What should I do now?

Thanks in advance

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