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I'm trying to get my head around how xmlrpc works in cake. This thread:
has a few details, and there are some vague references in the config
section in the manual, but I've not found any working examples as yet.

I have enabled web services in core, I've defined an xmlrpc function in
a controller, stuck a chunk of placeholder text in a view, but it's not
doing anything.

In app/controllers/things_controller.php:

function xmlrpc_doSomething() {
  echo 'hello';

In app/views/things/xmlrpc/do_something.thtml:


but when I hit /xmlrpc/things/do_something

I get a 404, and it's looking for xmlrpc.txt.

Have I got the naming wrong? Have I missed something? It doesn't help
that this is my first encounter with xmlrpc...

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